ACO Shorts: Interviews & Extras

ACO Shorts: Interviews & Extras

Enjoy exclusive interviews, behind-the-scene moments and standalone short documentaries about the ACO and our instruments.


ACO Shorts: Interviews & Extras
  • Interview: Richard Tognetti and Yumi Stynes

    Artistic Director Richard Tognetti sits down with broadcaster Yumi Stynes to unpack the magic of ACO StudioCasts.

  • ACO Underground | 10 years of experimentation

    ACO Principal Violin Satu Vänskä reflects on 10 years of ACO Underground - her space for experimenting with sound and music beyond genre lines with fellow ACO and other musicians.

  • Hypnosis | Satu In The Beyond | Richard Tognetti (Official Music Video)

    **HYPNOSIS – the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modifications of behaviour, has been revived but is...

  • Interview: Helena Rathbone introduces 'ex-Dollfus' Stradivarius

    The ACO has acquired its third extraordinary 'Golden Age' Stradivarius violin, the 1732 'ex-Dollfus' Stradivarius, on loan from an anonymous benefactor.

    Helena describes the opportunity to be the custodian of the ‘ex-Dollfus’ Stradivarius as a dream come true: “It is an unbelievably wonderful pr...

  • Interview: Richard Tognetti on 'Rapture & Revolution

    What is it like to inhabit Vaughan Williams’s ‘Lark’, or to be ‘whipped into a frenzy’ by Beethoven’s mighty Grosse Fuge? Richard Tognetti discusses the repertoire of our first ACO StudioCast ‘Rapture & Revolution’, with Yumi Stynes.